%% date:: [[2022-11-02]], [[2023-01-06]] %% # [[Forms]] Forms are patterns in the sense of [[Plato's Theory of Forms]], but applied here to stories I've read or watched. The objective is to identify [[Principle of Atomicity]] constituents that can be used to create something new. Forms are desirable elements that repeat themselves, whereas [[Tropes]] have a negative connotation due to overuse. ## For fictional stories ### Characters - [[Bodyguard with romantic feelings]] - [[Prodigal heir living as a commoner]] - [[Beautiful but broken woman]] - [[Nuns who think and fight]] - [[Someone with the ability of vocal compulsion]] - [[Superhumans are hunted]] - [[Superhumans compelled into service]] - [[Superhuman thinks they are human until one day their powers manifest]] - [[The long-suffering and kind mother of a villain]] - [[Orphan gang leader]] - [[Girl pretends to be a boy so she can fight]] - [[Elite band of warriors with mystical creatures as ranks]] - [[Desert people who are continually underestimated]] - [[Not quite normal but I want to be]] ### Plot - [[Mentor dies]] - [[Plucky nobody defeats dark lord or evil system]] - [[Girl with ugly powers must learn to accept and master them]] - [[Control information, control the world]] - [[Innocents battle to the death]] - [[The prophesied messiah arrives but is different than expected]] - [[Artificial intelligence gone wrong]] - [[Hero does something TOO well and is ostracized]] ### Setting - [[The Choosing Ceremony]] - [[Virtual reality becomes the new reality]] - [[School to prepare for war]] - [[Superheroes are reserved for royal service]] - [[Caste by physical characteristics]] ## For shorter form written work These are forms for shorter, written, nonfiction work, which is anything from tweets to blog posts to articles. - [[Ship30-Myths|Myths]] - [[Ship30-CategoryPOV|Category POV]] - [[Ship30-How To Guide|How To Guide]] - [[Ship30-Favorite Tools|Favorite Tools]] - [[Ship30-Thread-Topic 101|Topic 101]] - [[Ship30-Thread-The Framework Thread|Framework]] - [[Ship30-Thread-If I Had to Do It Over Again|If I Had to Do It Over Again]] - [[Ship30-Thread-The Book Curation Thread|Book Curation]] - [[Ship30-Thread-Transformation Story|Transformation Story]] - [[Ship30-Personal Story|Personal Story]] - [[Ship30-Thread-Personal Story + Advice|Personal Story + Advice]] - [[Ship30-Thread-Curated List|Curated List]] - [[Ship30-Thread-Credibility & Lessons|Credibility + Lessons]] - [[Ship30-Grocery List|Grocery List]] - [[Ship30-Don'ts and Do's|Don'ts and Do's]] - [[Ship30-ABCDE Storytelling|ABCDE Storytelling]] - [[Ship30-5 Main Points|5 Main Points]] - [[Ship30-Myths|Myths]] - [[Ship30-Mistakes & Lessons|Mistakes & Lessons]] - [[Writing - Yes and]] - [[Writing - Challenging truisms]] - [[Analyzing events]] These are taken from [[Ship 30 for 30]], [Typeshare](https://typeshare.co/), and Ryan Law, and then modified for my own purposes. [^ship30] [^ryanlaw] ## For Videos Note that the content of videos can also use the forms for written content above. However, here are some video-specific forms. - [[Video Forms]] - [[Create engaging titles#Title forms|Video title forms]] [^ship30]: Bush, D. and Cole, N. (2022). *Ship 30 for 30*. [[Ship 30 for 30|The course]]. [^ryanlaw]: Law, R. (2022). *How to write thought leadership content*. [[How to Write Thought Leadership Content|My course notes.]]