%% Last Updated: - [[2021-02-28]] - [[2021-02-25]] - [[2020-09-12]] Related: - [[Marketing]] - [[Strength Finder Theme: Communication]] - [[Writing]] - [[Software Development]] - [[Developer Relations vs Marketing]] %% Working with the garage door up means to invite people to see your work before it's finished, so that they get an "inside peek" of how you're doing what you're doing. This is "[[Anti-marketing]]" because marketing is about promoting a product in the best possible light, whereas working with the garage door up exposes unpolished work and is more realistic. I feel called out (in a good way) by this quote from [[Andy Matuschak]], who said that this approach is the antithesis to posting on Twitter about finished work, which is often what I do at [[Flood (company)]]. ![[Work With the Garage Door Up#^83194052]] ## Companies who work with the garage door up - [[GitLab]] publish their company policies and even videos of their company meetings - [[Wyrmwood Gaming]] have committed to work with the garage door up with their YouTube series, "WyrmLife", where they show the day-to-day work of people in different positions in their company, from craftsman to CEO. This also includes some meetings, sometimes of an HR nature (published months behind reality). ## References - [[Work With the Garage Door Up]]